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Mini Mentor

Mags is always wanting to collaborate with the painting I am working on, so we started a large canvas that we can paint together. We use my paints and my brushes for this painting. I am teaching her whatever I know and what probably always happens when you give away, you get back.

What I am getting is my memory. The memory of painting for the process. Of being totally sure of myself.  Of being thrilled by the colors. Remembering non-judgement.

MMMM (Mini Mags My Mentor)

My thought for today… give away what you want. With love, Gator Girl


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a page from my business plan

2008 business plan

I thought all you might like to see where Gator Girl Art started. This is a page from the business plan that I made during Shiloh’s class at Cosmic Cowgirls University back in 2008. After that weekend, I went home and declared that I would retire at 55 and paint full-time. We just had to figure out how we were going to do it.

I am a big believer in writing down intentions. If the intention is clear, the path will unfold. If something doesn’t support your intention, let it go.