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Mostly a cat costume

Hi all y’all!

Happy 3 day weekend!

My intention is to be accepted as a vendor at  The Bayou Boogaloo this May. I am working on a banner. Each letter will be on fabric measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, then sewn on a sturdier fabric, probably the weight of denim, so the letters will hang nicely. Lastly, embellished and strung like prayer flags.

10 flags.

GATOR GIRL ART. “Art” will be on one flag.

The space is 10 feet across. I am going to buy a 10 x 10 white easy-up.

The beginning of "G"
The beginning of “G”

I printed the G on material; but it is still in progress.

While I was playing with the banner, Maggie came by with some plans of her own. Literally.

costume plans
costume plans

We are all having a going away barbecue on Monday for some friends who are moving to Hawaii. Maggie wanted her cat to have a party outfit. (Sorry about the shadows.) Maggie chose the purple outfit, but in a different color.

the outfit
the outfit

Maggie did the cutting and sewed the grey ribbons on by hand.

The cat sans the shoes
The cat  

Lacey was willing to wear the cape, but did not cooperate with the shoes.

I am working on two paintings. I need a little time with the turtle and pelican.

And I am waiting for supplies to complete my Pussyfooters painting.  I ordered a brighter orange acrylic, some small brushes, and Liquitex paint pens. The Pussyfooters volunteer all year, but the season picks up speed in the fall. Practices start next week. I am Pussyfooting in Southern Decadence tomorrow. I haven’t been to their parade before, but it sounds like fun.

Until next time,

With unending love,

Gator Girl





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Only the facts, ma’am.

Good morning all y’all!

I was pulled over on the way home from Chickie Wah Wah’s tonight.

The police officer turned on his lights and told me to pull over.

Another police car pulled up behind him with his lights flashing.

I rolled down my window and waited.



Officer on his bullhorn: Get out of the car. 

I get out of my Prius. BTW a Prius never gets pulled over. And I don’t mind telling you, my heart was beating pretty fast.


Officer: You turned on a red light. There is a sign at the corner that says “No Turn on Red”.

Me:  (understanding the need for two patrol cars) I didn’t see the sign or I would have waited. 


Officer: There was a police car right behind you, but you turned on a red light. 


Me: I didn’t se the sign or I would have waited. I turned because I didn’t see the sign. Does it help that I am sorry? 

Officer: Let me just ask you. If you saw a sign that said, “No Turn on Red” would you understand what it means. 


Me: Yes. If I saw a sign like that, I would understand what it meant. 

Officer: Do you drive over here often?

Me: No. 

Officer: Where were you coming from? 


Me: I was at Chickie Wah Wah’s for a Pussyfooter general meeting.


Officer: (taking my license back to his car.) Is this car registered to you? 

Me: Yes.


Officer: (Talks to the other NOPD officer.)


Officer: This car is registered to you and David. 

Me: Yes, he is my husband. 

Officer: Is he home? 

Me. What? 

Officer: Be patient. I am leading up to something. When you get home, you have to take him out for ice cream. Buy him a banana split if he wants. 


Me. OK.


Officer: What are you going to do when you get home? 

Me: Take my husband for ice cream and buy him a banana split if he wants one. 



Officer:  Where does he like to go for dinner? 

Me: Dinner? 

Officer: Nothing fancy, just fast food. Where does he like to go? 


Me: Anywhere. He likes lots of things. 

Officer: Oh, is he a fat guy? 


Me: Well, we both have to watch it. 

Officer: LOL. I need to trust you here, because I don’t want to let you off with a warning if you aren’t going to take him out for ice cream. 



Me: I promise. Thank you. 

Officer: Don’t thank me. Thank your husband. He got you off. 










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Trusting and Wondering

Good morning all y’all,

I am here today to tell you about an interesting, boring, and somewhat disturbing week. The blogs I follow often have an upbeat and authentic vibe to them. This authenticity is what I offer.

I have been looking forward to this week of absolute aloneness so I can paint, paint and paint. It is always a surprise to me when I am planning on being alone and I am still here. You know, the problem…

I will backtrack.

I woke up Monday morning, got out my sewing machine and started making little girl and doll clothes. In the past, when I was going to sew anything, my family ran for the hills. I have so many issues with sewing that connect with my mother… in an unpleasant way. It usually ends in some kind of break down.

Day 2 of my “aloneness”… Tuesday. Woke up and started sewing. Just sitting with it. Literally all day. Wondering why.

End of day 2
End of day 2

Cute hedgehog jumper. Monkey dress for Curl, Maggie’s baby doll. Bat ray skirt waiting for lace trim. I sewed because I was drawn to it.

Trusting my desire.

I wondered why.

Wednesday, I painted. I painted and watched Netflix on my computer. That was addiction. I know better than to have distractions while I paint.

Thursday, I decided to do what I know. I downloaded George Winston’s, Gulf Coast Blues and Impressions, lit a candle and connected with my painting.

The gulf coast is eroding  and  needs protection. If gulf coast restoration interests you, I like this interview with Tab Benoit.

I am ready to paint, with inspiring music, intentions set. Still wondering… “What’s up with sewing?”

Friends, day 2
Friends, day 2

Starting to like the turtle’s face.


This is why I am alone this week.

My babies are in California.
My babies are in California.

Half way through Thursday now. On the right track.

Or was it always the right track?


Gator Girl

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I call this style “Mine”.

Good morning all y’all!

Glitter and Glam is complete. I think will paint a sequel that expresses the Pussyfooter party energy.

Glitter and Glam
Glitter and Glam

What I like about her the most is the use of real jewelry. Her necklace and earring were added after she was painted. The pearls are painted on and the jewel is from an earring. I sewed sequins on her dress. I ordered them from a majorette website, so they wouldn’t be the thin, flimsy kind. I definitely will sew on canvas again. What inspired me to paint this was this beautiful color, Old Holland Iridescent Carmin. I used this color throughout, adding white, orange, black, brown or whatever to change it up.

I framed “I am enough”. She is suspended with eye hooks and copper wire just inside the frame. My sister made the clay embellishments along the top.

I am enough. (In frame)
I am enough. (In frame)

My new painting is on wood. I put three coats of Gesso on the wood, two white coats and one black. If you skimp on the Gesso, it makes it harder to paint. Wood without Gesso, or not enough Gesso, grabs the paint and makes it difficult to spread and mix with other colors.

This painting is called, “That’s what friends are for.” I had the song running through my head while I was painting. Something like, “In good times and oil spills, I’ll be on your side forever more…”

If anyone can make the words flow with oil spill better, I would love to hear from you.

That's what friends are for. 4 or so hours in.
That’s what friends are for. 4 or so hours in.

FYI, there are  thirty species of turtles, tortoises and terrapins in Louisiana. See, not just bugs.

Although we do have stinging caterpillars that drop out of trees making August even more enjoyable. They are deceivingly cute.

Stinging Caterpillar
Stinging Caterpillar

Maggie made this cool picture.

The River
The River

On the left is Paw Paw’s house. On the right is my more beautiful house (my words). In between is a river and Paw Paw in a kayak coming to see me. The window at the top left of my house is open, so I can watch him coming. I totally love this painting/ idea. Frida Kahlo lived in a similar style. Diego and Frida had separate houses with a walkway across. I am thinking that this would be an idea women would favor and men not so much. Maybe we should take a poll.

Wishing you all a happy day.


Gator Girl

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From Teacher to Artist

Good morning all y’all!

In New Orleans, August is more of a thing than a month. It hangs around you in wet, warm towels. Only the brave can endure.

Here is a link to an 11 minute interview with Cosmic Cowgirls, Shiloh and Mary.  I think this is an easy way to share my journey from California to New Orleans. 

Someone asked me the other day how they can make their dreams materialize if they don’t paint. I told them to say what you want as often as you can bring it up in conversation. Write it down. Take a picture of it. Keep it in the forefront.

Once we were living in Chico, California.  We were looking to move into a larger house. I wrote that I wanted a big, yellow farm-house near the downtown. In a few weeks, our realtor called me and said she had a big, yellow farm-house near the down town. Did I want to see it? I told her it wasn’t necessary to see it. I am sure it is our house.

Between husbands, (I like to say that because I sound like Elizabeth Taylor.) I told whoever would listen that next time I got married, I wanted  to marry an Italian from a big family. David is half Italian with 5 brothers. I wish I was a little more specific… maybe some sisters. (Italian mothers can be a little intimidating for the first 20 years.)

Anyway, you get the picture. Thoughts and action.

I am off to sew some sequins on my Pussyfooter.

In loving abundance,

Gator Girl