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Mostly a cat costume

Hi all y’all!

Happy 3 day weekend!

My intention is to be accepted as a vendor at  The Bayou Boogaloo this May. I am working on a banner. Each letter will be on fabric measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, then sewn on a sturdier fabric, probably the weight of denim, so the letters will hang nicely. Lastly, embellished and strung like prayer flags.

10 flags.

GATOR GIRL ART. “Art” will be on one flag.

The space is 10 feet across. I am going to buy a 10 x 10 white easy-up.

The beginning of "G"
The beginning of “G”

I printed the G on material; but it is still in progress.

While I was playing with the banner, Maggie came by with some plans of her own. Literally.

costume plans
costume plans

We are all having a going away barbecue on Monday for some friends who are moving to Hawaii. Maggie wanted her cat to have a party outfit. (Sorry about the shadows.) Maggie chose the purple outfit, but in a different color.

the outfit
the outfit

Maggie did the cutting and sewed the grey ribbons on by hand.

The cat sans the shoes
The cat  

Lacey was willing to wear the cape, but did not cooperate with the shoes.

I am working on two paintings. I need a little time with the turtle and pelican.

And I am waiting for supplies to complete my Pussyfooters painting.  I ordered a brighter orange acrylic, some small brushes, and Liquitex paint pens. The Pussyfooters volunteer all year, but the season picks up speed in the fall. Practices start next week. I am Pussyfooting in Southern Decadence tomorrow. I haven’t been to their parade before, but it sounds like fun.

Until next time,

With unending love,

Gator Girl






I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

3 thoughts on “Mostly a cat costume

  1. Love your banner idea, Nancy! It will really set off the tent! Would love to be there to see it…..take pictures, please!

  2. Oh My. Brilliant to put your intention out there for all of us!

    Amazing that Maggie can design a costume on paper and carry out the design in fabric. She is amazing too!

    And Lacey is pretty amazing too!

    Have a fun weekend and BBQ Party.

    Great Blog!

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