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I drive a Prius and shit.

Hey y’all,

A Prius is super cool. For one reason you don’t have to use a key to drive it. You just need to have the key near by. Like the passenger can have the key in her purse.

So… my husband (from this point forward referred to as “my sweet darlin’,”)  dropped me off in the Whole Foods parking garage while he circled for a parking place.

If you don’t have a key for the Prius near by, you may continue to drive, as long as you don’t turn the engine off. 

My sweet darlin’ is energy conserving, much like the Prius. While waiting for someone to back out, he attempted to put the Prius in park. Instead of “park” he pushed “power”.

On a Saturday, the Whole Foods parking garage is over-flowing with cars.

My sweet darlin’ called me, called me, called me. Silently praying for me to come running out with the key.

Then he came rushing into the store like Super Mouse yelling at me for not picking up my phone.

Prequel to Mighty Mouse.
Prequel to Mighty Mouse.

Maybe you had to be there.

I still laugh a little when I think about it.

I drive a Prius and shit.

I consider this an added perk of driving a Prius.

Enjoying some dark humor on this fine September morning.

Gator Girl




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Making the Banner

Hi all y’all!

I finished my part of the banner this weekend. Sewing the banner will be a joint effort with my sister in October. It will be so cool.

I have a good feeling about getting into Bayou Boogaloo in May. We’ll see. I don’t know if feeling optimistic about Bayou Boogaloo really means anything. I sometimes think I am fancifully optimistic.

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I made each letter on computer paper, using some of my original art for accents.

Then, I scanned each letter. Next, I printed it on Inkjet Fabric Sheets that I bought on Amazon.


My sister, Jan, found these burlap panels at Michael’s for $1 each.


You can see the pretty colors. The Green is for Gator and Art. The pink is for Girl. They are just a little bigger than the letters that I made. We are going to add fringe, dingle balls, etc… to the bottom of each letter.

Next time you see these letters, I hope they are on my white E-Z Up at the festival.

Last weekend, I attended a fundraiser with the Pussyfooters and my husband. The      W Hotel gave $45 for clean drinking water in India for each person who walked the runway carrying 80#’s of water. This is me, trying to make it look easy.

Walking with water. (heavy water)
Walking with water. (heavy water)

Mia Borders played at the event. It was awesome.

I plan on finishing every painting that is almost done this week#goal.

With abundant love and kindness,

Gator Girl

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Girl Power

Hi all y’all,

While I am impatiently waiting for a delivery of art supplies, I started a fun painting.

Girl Power in chalk
Girl Power in chalk

I used a free-cycle canvas (the background was already on the canvas) and a photo of Maggie in California for inspiration. I made grid lines with chalk to get an idea of proportion.

Girl Power in progress
Girl Power in progress

I Googled “bubbles” to see how other people painted bubbles. I combined a couple of ideas.

Painting bubbles with cups
Painting bubbles with cups

This idea came from a one minute video that I found on You Tube. I went to Home Depot and bought some spray paint. I went to the grocery and bought some paper cups.

Bubbles in progress
Bubbles in progress


First, I cut the bottom off of the cups.

2. I sprayed a small amount of silver spray paint in the cup, aiming at one edge.

3. I took that same cup and ran the rim through some white acrylic paint. I used this to make a whiter edge.

4. I didn’t like the whiter edge and muted it with LuminArte’ paint. Now looking at the photos, I think the white edge makes it look more 3 D. I am going to add some white back in. I am also going to add some white highlights where the light is hitting. My highlights are too subtle.

5. I looked at photos of bubbles on Google as a reference and added some colors that were already in the painting. I used LuminArte’ because it is so delicate and luminous.

What is working for me:

the topic, Girl Power

the childhood symbols of bubbles, a marble circle, and hopscotch

the brilliant colors.

I want her hair more flow-y, add shoelaces, and darken some of her features, because the background is so dark.

Incase you are wondering what happened to the other cups…

What happened to the other cups.
What happened to the other cups.

Last weekend at Southern Decadence…

Decadence Parade with Paddy
Decadence Parade with Paddy

It is so easy to make friends in New Orleans.

Until later,

with alligator kisses,

Gator Girl