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After the festival (a re-hash)

Hi all y’all!

In New Orleans, when we aren’t talking about our next meal, we’re talking about the weather. FYI, my next meal is coming from Juan’s Flying Burrito and the weather has been gorgeous for two weeks straight. 80’s, sunny and dry. My favorite weather is dry in the day and raining all night, but not when I am leaving my art all night in a tent on the bayou.

Duke, my sort of brother-in-law took some fabulous photos of Bayou Boogaloo. I think this will be a photo essay. I will include information for first time festers, which I am not one of. (Thankfully.)

Gator Girl Art had exposure to the public. Lots of people came out. I sold a little over $1,000. My expenses were a little over a thousand dollars. I almost broke even. Yes, I would have liked to make some money. No, I am not giving up.

I signed up for Blues and Barbecue taking place in Lafayette Square in October. Jazz and Heritage will tell me soon if I have been accepted. You will be the first to know.

Walking to New Orleans seemed to be the crowd favorite.

Walking to New Orleans
Walking to New Orleans

My sort of brother-in-law bought it. Thank you, Duke.

In New Orleans, if you are selling in an arts district, there is no city or state tax on original art. The tax I had to pay is only on the $200 I made selling prints… $8. That’s cool, right?

I decided some things for the next festival. I am going to buy nice, white, mesh sides for my tent. They will be easier to transport and look professional. I am going to paint some smaller originals. I like originals better than prints. People who have a small space or limited finances will be able to buy an original. I am only going to take my originals and one size prints.

I made these cool presentation binders. One binder has all of my originals that are still for sale. One binder has all originals already in collections. I filled the binders with 8 x 10 prints. On the facing page is their story. I am going to take along the binders.

This has been an important week for Maggie. She graduated from kindergarten and turned 6!

Maggie's Celebration
Maggie’s Celebration

I am pretty excited to paint again.

With green, scaly gratitude,

Gator Girl


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Count Down to Festival!

Hi all y’all,

It’s May. How are you doing?

Count down to festival! (Click on the picture to watch a short video.)

Bayou Boogaloo
Bayou Boogaloo 

Counting today, it’s 10 days until Bayou Boogaloo. Tent. Check. Art. Check. Yen for a new adventure. Check.

It is hard to prepare for something I have never done before.

My plan is to try my best without being compulsive about it. Trying my best is getting all of my prints ready. Packing everything I think I will need. It is not watching festival videos and ordering on-line (with one day shipping) for something I suddenly need.

If I told you I wasn’t even a little stressed, I’d be lying.

If I told you I wasn’t even going to watch one “How to do a Festival” video, I might be lying.

Wish me luck. I’ll post photos on Facebook.

Until after the fest,

All my love,

Gator Girl