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If your rabbit doesn’t smoke…

Hi all y’all!

Spring is upon us and I am here with a public service announcement.

If your rabbit doesn’t smoke, it will have a life expectancy of 9 years (or more). If you are thinking about buying a cute little bunny for Easter, there are some things you need to consider.

They are complex psychologically.

A rabbit is prey. You need to be careful where you pet him or her. If you grab him from his back legs, it will frighten the rabbit. This is not a good first pet for a small child.

They live an average of 9 years. They live longer if they 1. Don’t smoke 2. live indoors 3. see their vet annually and when ill.

So far this is sounding like a commitment you would make to a dog or cat. Pretty big decision.

They like company. 2 rabbits are happier than one.

They like to chew. You will need to put the electrical cords out of reach and baby-proof the receptacles.


This is my rabbit, who does smoke. Unfortunately, his life expectancy is 7.8 years. I have tried to reason with him, but like I said… complex.

He is a fan of Van Gogh and decorated his house to immolate the famous painting. Hanging in the frame is a pair of rabbits in love. They do like a partner.

He is suspicious. I think this might have something to do with his possible exploitation at Easter, as well as his unfortunate position in the food chain.

If you still want to have a rabbit live with you, look at a shelter or rescue. Spay or neuter.


A rabbit can have babies starting at 6 months old. She can become pregnant within minutes of giving birth. She can have a litter every 28-30 days. Breeding statistics by Dana Krempels, Ph.D.

Wow. Food for thought.

Gator Girl watching out for you and your Easter shopping decisions.