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Hi all y’all!

In an attempt to put some carefree fun into painting, I veered from the usual Louisiana art. I think I was inspired by the Bernie memes, LOL. Maybe this is the start of a journey through the states. New Orleans has been and will be my main painting focus.

Or will it?

My scanner is a little bit smaller than my paper. I will adjust for this in the future.

I’m sharing this painting because I tried some new techniques. In the top right I made the cool music notes by spraying ink through a stencil. On the left, I painted with black gesso because it is a solid, creamy black. Then I added white Posca paint pen dots.

The parts I really like are in her face and hair. There are snowflakes in her eyelashes. The blue and red combination in her face makes her look so cold.

I don’t like to bore anyone with too much detail. If you have any questions, let me know. I withhold nothing.

Better days ahead,

Gator Girl

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Playing with Ink

Hi all y’all!

I have been rekindling my love of painting with a block of Arches watercolor paper. I haven’t painted on paper in many years and have never painted on a block of paper. My goal is to start painting as a practice not as a product. My expectations for myself were out of control.

I love using the block of paper. It wasn’t the most expensive, but it was about $40. You can saturate the paper until it looks like a mess and swells a bit. The next morning it is flat and feels lovely. It feels like smooth cotton. When it is completely dry, you cut off the top piece with a palette knife.

I also have really nice Schmincke watercolors now. Both the paper and the watercolors make a world of difference.

I am using watercolors, ink, paint pens, and acrylic paint. I am loving the ink. The ink bleeds through all of the top layers. That is cool for a while, then I spray matte varnish on the painting to stop the bleed and place highlights.

The Inks are Dylusions Postbox Red and and Vibrant Turquoise. The red puddled in the hair in the shape of butterflies, so I encouraged them. In the end, there were so many layers that I decided to sand the surface. It left some scratch marks that I really like. I smoothed her face with a stiff brush and Golden Titanium White.

It seems she has a lot to think about, but I’m not sure what.

All the best. Stay safe!

Gator Girl

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Life’s a Compromise

Hi all y’all!

We are in the process of selling our beautiful house to first time home buyers. It feels like they might be trying to be extra careful not to be taken advantage of. Or maybe super cautious compared to us. I am reaching the bottom of my ability to give, so I painted this.

I tried something new that I love for brown skin and I will definitely use this method again. I usually mix equal parts yellow and red, then add blue to make a beautiful brown. Then I add some black or white to lighten and darken it for shadows and highlights. It is a difficult method to bend it just right.

I bought some Golden High Flow Transparent colors in Hansa Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red Light and Phthalo Blue. Also, Transparent Brown Iron Oxide for the darkest shadows and regular Golden Fluid Acrylic in Titanium White for the brightest highlights. I didn’t mix any of the colors. I layered yellow, red, then blue. I added the brown and white to contour as I saw fit. I really like the outcome. I think she glows. I painted 3 coats of the red in her hair and used it again in her lips.

Those are my good pearls hanging from her ears. LOL

After all of the stressful house stuff is done, I might paint the words over in black gesso. It is kind of like chalkboard paint that way. Acrylics are so forgiving.

Take care and stay safe.


Gator Girl