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Hi all y’all,

Crazy New Year. It has been quite a struggle to find my happy place. This last year, that will not be named, was difficult. Some people had it worse and some better. I think I fell somewhere in the middle. I painted 2 paintings. I didn’t love either one. Painting just felt like work. I talked to other people occasionally and heard some of the same lack of motivation for making their art.

I enrolled in one of my favorite classes, Life Book at I have just started the first lesson. It is all about fun. Fun is what is what was missing in my art. I started each painting like it should be better than my best. I took myself back to the practice of art with less care about the outcome.

If you go to Tam’s website, there are 4 weeks of free lessons. You will need some supplies, but no previous experience.

Around Thanksgiving I got a Peloton. I 100 percent recommend it. I don’t know if I will ever go back to the gym and I needed some way to move my body at home. Also, it’s like having friends.

I usually scoff at New Year’s resolutions, but I have made some changes. The Peloton, every vitamin (not really) that Costco offers, and painting for fun. This has been a very serious effort to not feel sad.

Politically, there is hope. Soon, I won’t feel like I need to check the news immediately upon waking.

There is still a pandemic. New Orleans is at 10 percent Covid again. This means we are suppose to only gather with those people that we live with.

Immunization is right around the corner.

What a roller coaster.

When I write again, I plan on sharing my art. I’m hopeful. And I am taking the steps to happiness. I hear that happiness is an inside job.

I wish the best for all of you.

Stay safe,

Gator Girl