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Trusting and Wondering

Good morning all y’all,

I am here today to tell you about an interesting, boring, and somewhat disturbing week. The blogs I follow often have an upbeat and authentic vibe to them. This authenticity is what I offer.

I have been looking forward to this week of absolute aloneness so I can paint, paint and paint. It is always a surprise to me when I am planning on being alone and I am still here. You know, the problem…

I will backtrack.

I woke up Monday morning, got out my sewing machine and started making little girl and doll clothes. In the past, when I was going to sew anything, my family ran for the hills. I have so many issues with sewing that connect with my mother… in an unpleasant way. It usually ends in some kind of break down.

Day 2 of my “aloneness”… Tuesday. Woke up and started sewing. Just sitting with it. Literally all day. Wondering why.

End of day 2
End of day 2

Cute hedgehog jumper. Monkey dress for Curl, Maggie’s baby doll. Bat ray skirt waiting for lace trim. I sewed because I was drawn to it.

Trusting my desire.

I wondered why.

Wednesday, I painted. I painted and watched Netflix on my computer. That was addiction. I know better than to have distractions while I paint.

Thursday, I decided to do what I know. I downloaded George Winston’s, Gulf Coast Blues and Impressions, lit a candle and connected with my painting.

The gulf coast is eroding  and  needs protection. If gulf coast restoration interests you, I like this interview with Tab Benoit.

I am ready to paint, with inspiring music, intentions set. Still wondering… “What’s up with sewing?”

Friends, day 2
Friends, day 2

Starting to like the turtle’s face.


This is why I am alone this week.

My babies are in California.
My babies are in California.

Half way through Thursday now. On the right track.

Or was it always the right track?


Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

One thought on “Trusting and Wondering

  1. 😜So difficult that trusting! It’s why you were alone all week so you could explore just that.

    I have commission clay pieces and a big package to assemble for my Sister of my Heart, and I made bean bags for E&C and a winter rasta baby hat???? I asked the same question all week.

    Good processing and lovely progress all around!

    Love, RW Sent from my iPhone

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