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A Vlog in a Blog or Epoxy Resin Arty Table Top

Hi all y’all!

I made a pretty cool table top and I made a video of the process.

I have been thinking about editing videos for a long time. I like to watch instructional videos, so I bet you do, too.

This is my first attempt.

Here are the links to the things I found while making the table top that really work well. They are both on Amazon.

Foneso Tri-Pod

Foneso Tri-Pod/ Selfie Stick is 21.99 Prime Shipping. It holds my phone easily and securely. It also holds a Go Pro. it has a remote control.


Clear Epoxy Resin is 59.99 plus 9.49 shipping. This is a good price for a gallon. It costs more at Home Depot. 92% of the Amazon reviews give it 5 stars. I give it 5 stars. It has good directions and dries as clear and hard as glass. Measure carefully and keep the area as free from dust, hair and bugs as possible. Use a drop cloth.

The dragonfly painting is mine. The tiles are left over from a kitchen re-model.

With a loving heart,

Gator Girl

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You can use this idea if you want.

Hi all y’all,

I swear, where do the days go. At least the days are beautiful, cool and breezy.

I made business card holders for my Gator Agents. First, I ordered a few slim, aluminum cases on I paid $7.00 each and should have believed the reviews. These holders are too flimsy. I am still using them for the time being. I can always upgrade later.

Second, I altered a print of King Gator. I used a tool on Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor. (Photoshop Elements is 1/10 the price of Photo Shop.)

Easy peasy, this is how you do it.

In beginner’s mode, click on the picture of a band-aid, then click on “content aware”. The crazy amazing editor grabs the colors from around the brush area and blends it all together. I blurred out the words, “King Gator says Wager it All”. I clicked on “T”, chose a font and added the text, “Gator Agent”.

Then I went to “Image”, “resize picture”, and made it 1.2 x 2.3 inches, with the resolution at 300. This made the photo small enough for the case, but clear.

I  made 8 of these images and printed them on an Avery Printable Fabric Sheet. They are about $2 each. I only needed one sheet.

Avery Printable Fabric Sheets
Avery Printable Fabric Sheets

Print of King Gator before changing it:

King Gator
Wager It All

Print after changing the words:

Gator Agent
Gator Agent

On the business card holders:

Gator Agent Business Card Cases
Gator Agent Business Card Cases

Open case:

Open Case
Open Case

I just ironed the image on the case. It seems to stay on very well.

My new endeavor is NOLA Synchro Splash. Yes, indeed… water ballet. It will be at the Tulane salt water pool. Want to join me? I am very certain that everyone is welcome. My latest attempt at water ballet was in high school PE and there was a lot of gasping for air and sinking.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time,

Always in my heart,

Gator Girl