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Amy, Rene, a sheep, a goat and Justice for All!

Hi all y’all!

This crazy cool thing happened this week.

Let me back track.

In February 2013 I painted Justice in honor of marriage equality. I felt strongly that these two women existed out in the world. I put it out there over and over, “Does anyone know a couple that looks like this painting?” I offered a print in exchange for a photo.

Here they are.

Amy and Rene
Amy and Rene

I saw this photo and thought, “Wow! Except for the blonde hair this is them!”.

Rene (short for Irene) said, “How did you know Amy’s original hair color is red?”.

Seriously, how cool is this?


For an added bonus…

sheep and goat
sheep and goat

The quote that I have on my painting is, “The moral arc of the universe bends towards justice”- Theodore Parker. We see this is true when we watch state after state passing marriage equality laws. The full title of the painting is And Justice for All. Kind of gives me chills.

Loving the world,

Gator Girl