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My steps to putting art on-line and check out my finished gator.

Hi all y’all,

Gorgeous today in New Orleans. I opted out of a picnic so that I could write to you. I need to keep a work schedule or I feel like a fraud. Today, I am starting to list 4 of my originals.

It is a process.

Dorka sent me the files of the photos she took of my most recent paintings. I changed the size of the photographs slightly. Dorka discourages me  from changing the photos too much by myself.

Then I up-loaded two sizes to Fotoworks Pro. The sizes I offer are 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 14. I tried printing 8 x 10, but that seems too small for art. Fotoworks Pro is in Southern California and I work with them through the mail. I have had only positive experiences with their personal service and great quality.

After I ordered prints, I started up-loading to Etsy and WhereY’Art. The difference, I think, between the two Internet stores is Etsy is international and Where Y’Art is local. I have been with Etsy for a few years and am pretty happy with it. I just started in February with Where Y’Art. I love that it is local and I know the owners and some of the other artists. Where Y’Art also offers shows out in the community a few times a year. I will let you know more later… when I know more.

Gator in the Hen House
Gator in the Hen House

It takes about 10 days to get the prints from California. (I am sure this is because the mail is coming to Louisiana.) I am only putting up the originals now. I want to have the prints in hand when the orders come in. (Hear that universe?)

I used to hate the business part of painting. Now I like it. It is like having a secretarial job for a day. I wanted to be a secretary once.

I hope your day is going great.

Sending alligator love,

Gator Girl 
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Two Artists I Adore

Good Morning all y’all,

It is heating up fast here in Louisiana. I think it is going to be a hot summer. I was thinking y’all probably read my blog on your email and don’t always go to my website. Today, I am bringing a bit of my website to you. You can find this information on a tab called “Artists I Adore“. I will be adding people as I go.

I recommend that you check out Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts. She is a talented,open-hearted woman offering a 12 month on-line class with weekly lessons including 12 visiting teachers. I am taking this class. It is called Life Book. It is an art journaling class.

Of course, I like and relate to some lessons more than others, but I have learned something in each lesson. I look forward to Mondays when the new lesson is on-line. Because I am tight with the Cosmic Cowgirls, I have not taken advantage of the Willowing on-line community, but if you are looking for a tribe, Tamara has a good one you can join.

You can use MOONBEAM77 to receive a 10% discount on your first order.

Right now Tamara is offering a mini face class for summer.


You can access Willowing Arts HERE!

If you are looking for a photographer in the New Orleans area, look no further! Dorka of Dorka Photography is wonderful. I love her as a person and as an artistic and knowledgeable photographer.

You can access the amazing Dorka Photography website HERE!

Until next time,

Always in my heart,

Gator Girl