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My Mentor, My Love

Hi all y’all,

I need to write 2 distinct blogs on this beautiful day in October. I have  been consciously putting off adding Shiloh Sophia to my list of Artists I Adore. I don’t believe I can do her justice. Today, I decided to offer my best and that will be enough.

Shiloh changed my life. She helped be to discover my dream and gave me the tools to get there. Shiloh is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls. The idea came to her when she was just a girl. She has always wanted to empower and connect women. One thing that I remember vividly is when she needed two other women to help her run her growing business, she painted 3 women standing together. The perfect women showed up in the perfect time.

When I wanted to move to New Orleans, I started painting alligators. Alligators were all I wanted to paint for 2 years. To me alligators were the symbol and the means to adventure.

One of the classes I took with Shiloh was called Leading a Legendary Life. It was a 6 month Internet course that we begged Shiloh to continue for a year. In that course, we painted the 4 directions of our life. My Southern direction was Louisiana, being an Artist and living in New Orleans. My Northern direction were my Roots and my desire to stay connected to my family. Eastern was health. In the East, I was led to a group where I released 100 pounds. My Western direction turned into Vacation and Travel as California would no longer be my home. All of the canvases came to life.

Since this is a blog and not a book, I will let you follow Shiloh’s link  to learn more.

Part II

I am painting a family from the other side of life. The happy family is dancing in the moonlight. I love celebrating Dio De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. I will include a picture of my altar at the end of the month.

Dancing in the Moonlight, in progress

I am taking an online class from Jane Davenport. I am feeling more confident painting bodies. I am also trying some new techniques. I rolled a thick coat of Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Phthalocyanine Blue over the whole canvas. Next, I brushed in swirls.  The moon is painted on dry gel medium applied with a motel key card. Swiping the card made some nice grooves. For the girl’s tights, I used a trick I learned on Pinterest. I put a nail in the eraser part of a pencil and used the head of the nail to make black polka dots. I am going to apply a shiny fabric, that used to be  a gift bag for bath products, over the mother’s dress and the girls tights using acrylic varnish. I think the fabric will seem a little other worldly and add some shine and movement.

I am going to say good-bye now. I trust that if you need Shiloh in your life, you will find her. She is a genius for helping you to realize your dreams.

If you have your dream, carry it, nurture it, speak it, do something towards it every day.

With unreasonable love and an open heart,

Gator Girl

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More Artists I Adore

Hi all y’all!

You know, humidity gets a bad rap. I think it is kinder than scorching hot, dry heat. The air sort of envelopes you in a warm blanket. If you are not loving the heat and humidity in New Orleans in August,  you can visit St. Mary’s, Tasmania, Australia. The high is 55 degrees today. If that is not an option, go on-line for a virtual visit.

I was reading the blog of Gone Rustic and kept thinking of people I wanted to share Rita’s art  with. My sister and my California art friends, Mary Helen and Julie would love her art quilts and her dye and stitch projects. She also has a drawing section with one of my favorite things, Babushkas. Another, very cool thing is her shop is in Tasmania, Australia. Check it out!

Needle Felting Sample
by Rita Summers

This is one small sample for what she shares with you on her blog.

Next up is, Stephan Wanger of Galeria Alegria. I have a great respect for Stephan’s philosophy and art. He uses Mardi Gras Beads that would have ended up in a landfill and makes the most beautiful art with them. He cuts every bead apart from the strand, glues the beads onto wood, then frames the finished piece.  His art is truly amazing.

I don’t know when he finds the time, but Stephan also donates his time and supplies to local schools. He personally works with groups of children all day, and he leaves the finished art with the school.

Just check it out!

Can you believe this street car scene is made from individual beads? If you are in or around New Orleans, you can see original Mardi Gras bead art at 4431 Banks Street in Mid City. It will blow your mind.

Both of these artist’s websites are great.

Until next time,

With unfathomable love,

Gator Girl