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Here Come the Girls

Hi all y’all!

Here is some music to listen to as you read my blog this morning. I love this song.

Here Come the Girls is one of the songs we march to during Carnival. Sometimes, my sweet darlin’ acts as a Pussy Handler and sweeps the beads off of the street, straddles horse poop, and holds the crowds back. He says the parade watchers see us coming and start shouting, “The Pussyfooters are coming!”. This is a rather fantastic explanation. Even hard for me to believe. The entirety of this explanation is the motivation for my painting. And I just wanted to say, “Pussy Handler”.

Here Come the Girls
Here Come the Girls

The Blush Ball is put on by the Pussyfooters. We are raising $30,000 this year for the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children. I am donating the original painting to the raffle.

Blush Ball Flyer
Blush Ball Flyer

I always donate when asked. I usually donate prints and giclee’s. For tax purposes, you can only write off the painting supplies that you used. Time and talent are not considered. Crazy. For the Ball, I am making an exception.

Writing the blog this morning is clearing something up for me. In the beginning of October, I decided I wanted to take my art to a festival or two. This idea and the following actions threw me into a head spin. I am starting to recover. I made jewelry with images of my paintings. I ordered extra prints, many extra prints, and some giclee’s. My inventory was starting to overwhelm me. I started to lose faith. I went into a mind cave.

Danielle Laporte whispered to me through my Kindle, “You’ve never been where you are going. You’ll figure it out. You’re the only one who can.”

Crawling out, I see the light. I am back on my path.

Here are the finished flags for my booth. My supportive sister sewed them together.

Gator Girl Art Banner
Gator Girl Art Banner

Putting one foot in front of the other.

Thanks for being here.

With unrelenting love,

Gator Girl

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From Teacher to Artist

Good morning all y’all!

In New Orleans, August is more of a thing than a month. It hangs around you in wet, warm towels. Only the brave can endure.

Here is a link to an 11 minute interview with Cosmic Cowgirls, Shiloh and Mary.  I think this is an easy way to share my journey from California to New Orleans. 

Someone asked me the other day how they can make their dreams materialize if they don’t paint. I told them to say what you want as often as you can bring it up in conversation. Write it down. Take a picture of it. Keep it in the forefront.

Once we were living in Chico, California.  We were looking to move into a larger house. I wrote that I wanted a big, yellow farm-house near the downtown. In a few weeks, our realtor called me and said she had a big, yellow farm-house near the down town. Did I want to see it? I told her it wasn’t necessary to see it. I am sure it is our house.

Between husbands, (I like to say that because I sound like Elizabeth Taylor.) I told whoever would listen that next time I got married, I wanted  to marry an Italian from a big family. David is half Italian with 5 brothers. I wish I was a little more specific… maybe some sisters. (Italian mothers can be a little intimidating for the first 20 years.)

Anyway, you get the picture. Thoughts and action.

I am off to sew some sequins on my Pussyfooter.

In loving abundance,

Gator Girl

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Baby, I got this.

Hi All y’all,

Writing to you from the deep south in the deep summer, and loving it. My mother-in-law grew up here without air conditioning. I’m not sure I would be loving that.

The angel put on a white button up shirt. The painting is called, “Baby, I got this.” So please don’t worry about your problems. They are being handled on an angelic plane.

The angel is standing in the midst of many easily handled problems.

Baby, I got this.
Baby, I got this.

Note: In the south, “baby” is a term of endearment, containing no disrespect.

I started a painting of a Pussyfooter to give to the Blush Ball this year. Last year they raised 22,000 for the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children.

Blush Ball check
Blush Ball check

The painting is about half done.

A wig that I saw at Fifi Mahony’s in the French Quarter was my inspiration.

I am thinking about sewing sequins on her dress.

She is going to have lots of sparkle,

but first I need to love her and she is not quite there.

Pussyfooter in Progress
Pussyfooter in Progress

I am sure she is going to say something meaningful. We Pussyfooters are not just glam and sparkle. 🙂

I was the guest speaker on the Cosmic Cowgirl phone call last night. The Cowgirls asked me to tell my story, how I went from teaching children in California to New Orleans artist. It made me remember how dreams materialize. Seriously, it is pretty magical how things work out.

Maybe I will share my story with all y’all next week.

Wishing you happily ever after,

Gator Girl

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Painting Your Future

Hello all y’all, 

Just wondering today if you know that you can paint your future?

 A few years ago, my mentor, Rev. Shiloh McCloud, needed two people to help her run her women and girls publishing company. She started painting three women, just standing together, smiling.  Shortly thereafter, at the exactly right time, the perfect women showed up. One of the women, Mary, just wandered into Shiloh’s gallery and fell in love. She was visiting from Canada at the time. She packed her bags and moved straight away — been here every since.

 Three years ago, when I was living in California, I started painting alligators, angels, and swamps. I was consciously painting my way to New Orleans. Everything unfolded perfectly, down to the last detail. I told anyone who cared to listen that I was retiring in three years, moving to New Orleans and becoming a full-time professional artist. Speech is undeniably powerful. 

Just as I believe all religions are roadways to the same higher power, I believe any means you use to project out to the universe what your dream is will work. 

Do you write? collage? paint…sing…dance…sculpt… How do YOU put yourself into your perfect life? 


I am holding off sharing Mardi Gras Muse with y’all because I just bought a miter saw, installed it in my kitchen, and am making a frame before I post her next week. My idea is to make a frame out of reclaimed wood and embellish it with whatever calls to me. 

Until next week my loves,

Gator Girl