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Count Down to Festival!

Hi all y’all,

It’s May. How are you doing?

Count down to festival! (Click on the picture to watch a short video.)

Bayou Boogaloo
Bayou Boogaloo 

Counting today, it’s 10 days until Bayou Boogaloo. Tent. Check. Art. Check. Yen for a new adventure. Check.

It is hard to prepare for something I have never done before.

My plan is to try my best without being compulsive about it. Trying my best is getting all of my prints ready. Packing everything I think I will need. It is not watching festival videos and ordering on-line (with one day shipping) for something I suddenly need.

If I told you I wasn’t even a little stressed, I’d be lying.

If I told you I wasn’t even going to watch one “How to do a Festival” video, I might be lying.

Wish me luck. I’ll post photos on Facebook.

Until after the fest,

All my love,

Gator Girl