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Between Roots and Wings

Good morning all y’all!

We are mid-way in the year of the dragon, the year of possibilities. It is kind of overwhelming in an exciting kind of way, don’t you think?

Today, I decided to share the finished Raven Wisdom and the young woman with revolving names. I call her Hopeful Anticipation, but I will explain that later.

Raven Wisdom

I delivered Raven to California last week. I don’t have a picture of him framed. The frame was really cool. I used dark green reclaimed wood from the Green Project. The best part of the frame was a shelf along the bottom to put shiny trinkets, gems and crystals that Raven might like. There are hinge holes on the right-side bottom of the frame where I hung a string of burlap with dangling wing and heart milagras.

Hopeful Anticipation

I can see my painting becoming more urban. I like it. I offered a contest to name this painting. I liked many ideas. I decided to leave the words off of the original, because I like the painting this way, too. I didn’t want to limit her. Limitless Possibilities? See, her ┬áname keeps evolving.

My idea is to send the photo to the print shop for prints and giclees and add different words to the copies. It will make each copy an original. I will post later what that looks like. I will send a print to those people who sent me words that I use. It’s not too late for you!

I am totally engrossed with my new painting of Freida Kahlo as a skeleton. I don’t know if I will make prints, because the frame is totally part of the painting. I will post the process of Freida next week.

Until then,

With an ever expanding heart,

Gator Girl

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My new painting is finished and ready for viewing.

Counting Chickens
Counting Her Chickens as They Hatch

Hi Ya’ll,

This is the painting that I gave you a sneak preview of a couple of weeks back. Her dreams kept multiplying and her basket is over-full with eggs ready to be counted. The little chick and the mamas are looking on. The theme is abundance. She is wearing a tiara but is unaware of her Goddess-ness. She is humble and hopeful.

Humble and hopeful is how I am starting the New Year… as well as grateful. I hope all the best to all ya’ll in 2012.

With loving abundance, Gator Girl