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Love is in the Air

Hi all y’all!

My newest painting is about alligators in love at Jazz Fest. I painted a similar painting a couple of years ago. The first Jazz Fest painting was inspired by a photo of my granddaughter, Maggie, and her cousin Lenny. They were dancing at Jazz Fest as part of a family reunion.

While the original painting was hanging in my living room, I fell in love with the composition. So when my daughter wanted that painting for her house, I decided to paint the same scene with alligators.


The grass has the shape of the whole world. The skywriting is really a thing at Jazz Fest… not so much the wildflowers.

The whole painting seems happy to me.

This one is a little different… taller grass, no purple flowers, more imaginative. I based the girl on Gator Ballerina just in case I want to include this painting in a traveling alligator book one day.

They are both large paintings, 30 x 40 inches. I will be making prints after the paintings are photographed.

Jazz Fest is a great adventure. If you haven’t been, I hope you can one day.

Love is in the air,

Gator Girl

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Queen of Bounce

Hi all y’all!

We just had Jazz Fest in New Orleans. It is a pretty amazing experience with incredible music, delicious food and quality art. Most people talk about Music or Music and Food. I am there #1 for the art. I go one day each weekend, when it isn’t as crowded (not Saturday or Sunday) to see the art. The food vendors are there both weekends, but the artists change. When I need to rest, I stop in and listen to some music. I am pretty sure I am in the minority on this.

Jazz Fest the second weekend was pretty wet.

I am just about finished with the Queen of Bounce aka Big Freedia (pronounced Free-da) I ordered 2 jewels for her crown, amethyst and amber. I am nervous painting a living artist because I really want Big Freedia to relate to and like my painting. I will probably never know.

I choose Big Freedia because I was part of the Guinness Book of World Records for Twerking in 2014.

I woke up one morning and told my family that I had a dream that I needed to help Big Freedia win the twerking world record. My daughter said, I could still participate because it hadn’t happened yet. It was scheduled for later that day or the next day. Surprising everyone, including myself, I went. I am not sure if they counted my sweet darlin’ and me in the final number because you had to be continuously twerking correctly. :/ Fortunately there is no video of that.

Big Freedia was the star of that contest. She is beautiful and her personality is bigger than the sky.

Big Freedia, the Queen of Bounce
                                                   Big Freedia, the Queen of Bounce

To read Freedia’s background in a snapshot… I found a lot of information on Wikipedia.

Right now, I am painting two paintings of Prince. He had so many looks in all the years he performed, I didn’t want to narrow it down to one. Prince is a commission painting. The same people who bought Shotgun Angel asked me to paint Prince. I am going to show them both of the paintings and they can choose one if they like it. I don’t take money for commissions until after they see the finished painting. Maybe they had a different idea. I don’t want them stuck with something they don’t love. 

I’m back to the easel. See ya later alligator,

With a heart full of love,

Gator Girl






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Adventures in Skyhorse

Hi all y’all!

This blog has been on my mind and in my heart, but not on-line. Other things have trumped art this last month…

a weekend with a long lost childhood friend who has been to New Orleans every year for 20 years and had never been out of the French Quarter…

our family reunion in New Orleans and at  Jazz Fest,

Jazz Fest
Cousins at Jazz Fest

Lafayette and the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge,

My sister and I at the Crawfish Festival.
My sister and me at the Crawfish Festival.

swamp tour at Lake Martin…

Cajun Swamp Tours
Cajun Swamp Tours

a great performance from Charmaine Neville at Snug Harbor (she is there for two shows every Monday night and tickets are only $15 …

Maggie’s ballet recital…

Maggie waiting for her performance.
Maggie waiting for her performance.

and ending with a weekend getaway in Grand Isle.

Mimi at Grand Isle
Mimi in Grand Isle

Grand Isle brings me to this weeks blog. While in Grand Isle, we met some friends of friends that are taking a year off for an adventure.

They can tell you better than I can, so I am re-blogging their blog. I think it is important to tell you about Hani and Sarah right away because you can catch the beginning of their trip.

Hani and Sarah are attorneys, married, and driving a vehicle that Hani built out of an ambulance, a truck and a plane.

Here you go…

I am not going to miss an episode.

They are also on Facebook.

Celebrating life’s great adventures!

Love to you all,

Gator Girl