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Hi all ya’ll!

Today, I am giving you a link to Spark. Click anywhere on the picture below. Don’t worry, clicking on the picture is not a commitment. It is a window into the wonderful world of getting’ er done.

Spark is an online community.

To participate, you need 15 to 30 minutes a day to give [insert desire here] the energy it needs to get it accomplished. Last month, my focus was power tools. Empowering power tools.

There is a new Spark nearly every month of the year. The next class starts December 1st. It costs $30.

Is there something you would like to work towards? Are you feeling at loose ends? Do you need some focus?

The class is led by Jenafer Joy. Sometimes I take the class just to hang out with her. She is that cool.

So, if this interests you, click on the picture and get more information.

Feeling the love,

Gator Girl







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The art of Jenafer Joy

Hi all y’all,

It has been a while since I posted about an artist that I love. This is a double love, because I love the artist and her art. 

She puts words together like, 

 Life is alive in the place where dreams refining and becoming real, whisper.

She creates art.

Bright Future, by Jenafer Joy
Bright Future, by Jenafer Joy

She offers classes.

Jena offers classes on line.
Jena offers classes on line.

I bet you will fall in love with Jena, too.


Looking hopefully into the future.


Gator Girl