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QR Codes

Hi all y’all!

I hope your summer is heating up with lots of friends, fun and fabulousness. My sweet darlin’ and I just got back from Philadelphia where our recently graduated god-daughter is going to college in August. We are back in New Orleans for a week, then to California for a family reunion.

I wonder if I caught anyone’s attention with the title. Snooze? This blog is definitely for a limited audience.

You can make a code in 30 seconds at QR Code Monkey for free. QR Code is just a fancy name for a link. I made a QR Code to link to my website. You put these codes on anything you like… T-Shirts, business cards, gallery cards… You just don’t want to put it on a computer screen because you can use a regular link. QR Codes are easy to read with your phone. Download from any number of free QR Code Reader apps for iPhone or Android.


Once you have a QR Reader app, you can read a QR Code wherever you find one. Now, you will see them everywhere.

This is the back of my new card.



I used a coupon at to make my business cards. Moo is not as cheap as Vista Print, but much nicer. Here is a link if you want 10% off of your first order. I feel very good recommending Moo. The paper they use is lovely to touch. They have a fun website and the customer service is nice.

Until next time,

All my love,

Gator Girl