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and justice for all

Hi all y’all!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We have the honor of hosting the game here in New Orleans. It is still pre-game and everyone is happy.

I completed Justice.


I don’t know how the idea for a painting comes to me. It must be a muse. I just have a flash of an idea and I need to get it on canvas. I do not know any two women who look like these women. For the life of me, I could not get the dark-haired woman on the right to smile. Maybe she is a bit upset with our government.

I am also upset with our government. I choose to remain hopeful. I believe in the wise words of Theodore Parker, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Now the fun part.

If you and your partner look like these women, send a photo to me, and I will send you a print. I really hope to see a photo or 10.

Looking hopefully towards the future.

Gator Girl

PS There are many new Gator Girl Art paintings on Etsy.

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Hello March!

Hi friends,

La Femme Fatale finished.

skeleton woman
La Femme Fatale

I put fine silver glitter on her veil to make it stand out more. I put red chunky glitter on her roses and gold metal finish on her gold tooth. She makes me very happy now. 2 coats of varnish insure her lasting beauty.

Mardi Gras Muse or as Maggie insists Maskatier Princess (named for her mask and partial tiara), is still in process. I played with both kids all day Friday and Saturday and it threw off my painting time in a good way.

Masked Muse
Mardi Gras Muse in progress

I am having a lot of fun painting the muse. She is wild and entertaining. Her hair is a mixture of purple and pink paint in Golden Heavy Gel. I like the ridges. It gives her hair a thickness that mine has never achieved.

It seems like Spring has arrived in New Orleans, at least for today. It is a little chilly, but the sun is shining. We are having a crawfish boil in Audubon Park by the Mississippi River later today. I don’t think life gets much better.

Until next week, my loves.

Gator Girl

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Mardi Gras

Hi y’all,

Things have been super fun and exhausting here with our first Mardi Gras. I think on Sunday there were 7 or 8 parades. It was like hanging out in a tent village. The best part for me was the parade goers. Everyone was so friendly. There are special throws that you try to catch at certain parades. Maggie got a shoe at the Muses all decorated with glitter, David got a Zulu coconut, and Will Farrell gave Maggie and David a cow bell. Pretty awesome and free fun. Y’all will just have to come see for your self.

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Parade
Mardi Gras
Angie, NOPD and lots of ladders for the kids

This was walking distance from our house.

What I am sharing this week is the progression of 2 paintings that I am working on. You will have to use your imagination about what they are going to look like when I am finished or check in next week when I am done. The skeleton is finally coming along. I am going to call her La Femme Fatale. I went through a lot of names. I think it was because I started painting what I had in mind, but forgot to check in with her. A couple of names that she had for a while were Lasting Beauty and  Haunting Beauty. Maggie wanted to name her “A field of Unicorns”. Apparently, the unicorns were invisible. I like La Femme Fatale because New Orleans has such a French influence and She is hanging out in the French Quarter around Mardi Gras. She is pretty fatale being beyond the flesh and blood stage of her life.

skeleton in progress
first skeleton picture

I decided that I didn’t like such small details, so I went larger.

2nd, Larger Picture

In the second picture, I am starting to like her here, but she has a long way to go.

La Femme Fatale Almost Finished

Fetching, I’d say, in a fatal way. Those are little crawfish fireflies in the street light, a small alligator playing a tambourine on her shoulder. She  is now wearing a little hat with a veil that is so popular with the parade crowd. She had on a real Mardi Gras bead necklace, but I removed it for now. I may add it back in using an old glass bead throw that you can still catch once in a while. I put a net veil on the hat, but liked the permanence of a painted veil. I put little glitter fleur dis lis on her dress. This painting has been a labor. Some times things don’t come easily.

She is starting to look satisfied. I would say she’s almost finished.



I just want to introduce the painting I am having a lot of fun with. She is Mardi Gras Muse. If you want inspiration, paint a muse. They so love the attention.

Mardi Gras Muse
Preparing the wood

I picked 3 colors: mars black, magenta and white. I painted these words on in gold: Mardi Gras feel the happy love. I added a big heart on the right and 2 little hearts on the left.

Mardi Gras Muse Blocked Out
Mardi Gras Muse Blocked Out




I am just going to have fun with her. Lots of symbols, pictures and words in her hair.  She will have plenty of bling on her mask and glitter on her tiara. I see her so clearly already.


I hope you check in next week to see the progress. Life in New Orleans is a dream come true.

What we found out during Mardi Gras is that it is not a sprint, it is a marathon, so pace yourself. There is a bit of life wisdom in that.

With grateful and abundant love,

Gator Girl

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In Search of Grace and My Mini Muse

Hi all y’all! A week sure goes by quickly!

I am still not sure that this is a valid use of my time, but I am trusting the process.

Grace is Not

I like the part of journaling where I don’t have to worry about the longevity of my art. If the glue fails… whatever. And I can try new things like what I see Effy Wild  and Tam Laporte create. BTW, they are both really fun to watch.

I find it interesting that I chose a word and I am still  searching for the meaning of that word. Again, just trusting.

If you look closely, you can see I wrote “sharing what you have” and had to change it to “I“. LOL, that’s telling.

(I am in love with duct tape).

Flip Side of Grace Is

I layered the back page with prayers. I love to put a lot of intent into the page. I put some stamps that my Aunt Ruth gave me because at 93 she is still full of grace and remembers everyone with cards.

Now the best for last. Tonight is the parade of the Muses’s. I am pretty excited about that. Magpie dressed as a muse for preschool today.

Muse with Unicorn
Mini Muse


Mini Muse Musing









Guest Appearance by MM's Brother

Happy Mardi Gras!

In celebration of you!

Gator Girl