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The Threads Project

Hi all y’all!

My friend Kat Ryalls is on the road for the 3rd year in a row. She is one of my heroes. Each year she sells her art, sublets her house and camps out by herself. I don’t think I can explain this idea as well as Kat. Please check her website. There is a link there (and here) for The Threads Project

Driving solo.
Driving solo.

“I have been on the road a month now, exploring, painting and trying to embrace a simple idea that I am enough. This is the idea and thought I am writing the participants of my Threads Project this summer as I mail out little watercolors and begin sewing on a large tapestry to represent how we are all threads in each other’s lives.

Over and over again as I see something new, as a color explodes in nature in front of me, as beauty unfolds in ways I could have never imagined, I keep hearing myself say as if in disbelief and wonder “this exists”. This exists. Love exists. Beauty exists. Hope exists. The gift of community exists. … But the contrast to beauty and love and forgiveness and peace also exists. Hearing news recently on the radio, breathlessly I felt myself say it as well, “this exists” in the same sort of disbelief. Yet last night I witnessed from my tent the moon light the sky with brilliance. And I’ve seen tiny little lightening bugs do their part as well. Light is far stronger than darkness.

If you would like to contribute a “thread” to the tapestry I am working on you are invited to mail me a small (~12″ ) piece of fabric, or a poem, or a note that I can sew into the work.

2902 Ursulines avenue B New Orleans, LA 70119

Once I get back to New Orleans mid August I will begin preparing for upcoming shows and markets this fall. Stay tuned for those announcements.

Thank you all for your support, for reaching out a for being so wonderful to me.

Best wishes,


Kat writing.
Kat sketching.

It is nearly impossible to choose any art to place here. There is a wide, hugely wide, variety and everything is amazing. Here is a random choosing.

Kat with art.
Kat with art.

It is with so much pleasure that I share Kat Ryalls with you.

This exists.

Gator Girl

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Candle or Mirror?

Hi all y’all!

I am inspired today by a poem I found on-line. I decided to name my most recent painting after one of the lines. The poem is, “Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.”~ Copyright: Tia Sparkles Singh, 2011. You can read it here. The line I borrowed is, “Stronger than you know.”

She was originally called, Born Hip".
She was originally called, “Born Hip”.
Maybe a third of the way finished here. It is a large canvas. 24 x 36
She is, maybe, a third of the way finished here. It is a large canvas. 24 x 36
Stronger Than You Know

I don’t think I used any cool painting techniques that I haven’t written about before. This is the first time I painted a border on the canvas. I knew what I was painting when my hands touched the canvas, but not before. She wanted to wear all red, and not have any red elsewhere on the painting.

The background was red inside the border in the beginning, then I added white with a roller, then the teal with a brush.

I used Caran D’Ache water-soluble crayons for fun and for the crayony look. To make the crayons permanent, I used Golden spray varnish when I was completely done.

“Strength” was the only title I could hear.

The next painting is, “In The Garden”.

In The Garden
In The Garden

I am showing part of the easel so you can tell she is in progress. I was going to paint her with an “Oh my!” mouth, but Maggie said she is just giving her friend a ride on her head because her hands are full. I liked that better. I love chickens.


Raffi is beginning his 3 year old painting.
Raffi is beginning his 3-year-old painting.

His favorite color is blue. His next favorite is orange. His third favorite color is blue and orange.

Gator Agent, JanMy newest Gator Agent. This photo makes me laugh, because when she was teaching kindergarten, she dressed like this one day (without the mustache) and her students didn’t recognize her. I am thinking she is still incognito.

The King Gator  original has sold. I think he sold to his soul mate.

King Gator Says Wager it All!
King Gator Says, “Wager it All!”

There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton.

With loving abundance and sparkly light (reflected or not),

Gator Girl