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Happy Saturday and Chairs!

This is a very happy day for teachers and people related to teachers, the holiday begins! Good morning and Happy Saturday. The fabulous Dorka of Dorka Photography took my most recent pictures. I hear that they are in the mail at this moment. I will be able to share  what I have been painting right after Christmas.

Today, I just finished embellishing some chairs. When I washed the 50 years of dinner guest magic off of them, the finish came off, too. I am thinking the previous owner, who has passed on, is thrilled with their reincarnation. I can still feel her lovely spirit when I look at them.

I painted this chair eggplant purple. I thought an elephant would fit perfectly into the  scroll top of the chair. I had this purple and gold material from making my daughter, Angie, some pants to wear in Turkey. One good thing about creating what you love is you have the materials around because you love them. I also had exactly enough gold fringe.

Ganesh Chair
Ganesh Chair

The next chair I embellished is a little Frieda Kahlo altar. Miss Freida has been my main inspiration for my painting. I love her work and I also love her drive and determination to continue painting even when in great emotional and physical pain. If you have had relationships with other human beings, you can understand her emotional pain, but she was also hit by a bus!

Frieda Chair
Frieda Chair


Mini Mags helped me with this next chair. I painted the chair blue and put the cool material on it. Then I painted lips and mustaches on the chair back. I didn’t like it and painted the mustaches away with my trusty white paint. Maggie and I decided on black and pinkish. (She always says pink.) While I was explaining that we needed to do something that would go with the material, she walked over to my shelves and picked up 3 clay pieces that my sister, Jan, just sent to me in our Christmas box. I didn’t even know MMMM looked on the shelves. They were perfect. Now I love the chair.

Hurricane Chair
Hurricane Chair


For this last chair, I picked the paint first. I love green. Then I decided on a subtle Mardi Gras theme. My sister sent me a clay fleur de lis that looked great. Then I put a trading card that Jan also made for me on the top. It has her moto on the card, “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place–Rumi“. On the card is also my King Gator, who is saying, “Wager it all”. This chair to me is New Orleans, but also my sister. Green is her favorite color, too.

Mardi Gras Chair
Mardi Gras Chair


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Until next week, sending you all of my love with an unreasonably open heart, Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday and Chairs!

  1. Lovely reincarnation. I’m sure Gama celebrated with you. Did I tell you she was an artist? She taught me how to look at colors and details and beauty that surrounds us.

  2. Oh Dear One, I love each of your original chairs. I love the story of MMMM giving artistic advice. I really love being famous. And your blog is the BEST blog and the best of your art, I think. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting ME in here. Love, Jan

  3. Hi, Jan sent your site on to me and I loved your art inspired chairs and the commentary. Keep me on your list. You inspire me!!

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