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For Miss Ashley

Good morning and happy Saturday!

Today is party day! 6 pm at my house. I hope to see all y’all. I am cooking for company today, so this will be short and sweet.

I painted every spare minute to get this finished. It is a gift for Miss Ashley of Hansen’s Sno Bliz. I framed it in her old, old screen door. I decided to give it back to her when I saw the look in her eyes when she asked what I was going to do with the door. She kind of looked like she was losing an old friend. I hope she likes it.

A refrigerator for your tummy

There is often a line at Hansen’s because it is truly the best. I put Miss Ashley in the picture with butterfly wings because she is like a good fairy giving so many people enjoyment. The experience is not just the snoballs but also the other people waiting in line, the staff, and the timelessness of the shop. When my 80-something mother-in-law goes to get a snowball, it is the same place she went as a child.

Thank you Miss Ashley. This Snoball is for you.

With everlasting, sweet love,

Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

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