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My friend at the IRS called.

Hallelujah and Good Morning all y’all,

We got a verbal thumbs up from the IRS for non-profit status of NOLA Groundswell! Two years of proposing and waiting. We will have our paperwork within a month and can start writing grants for Samuel Square Park. For some reason, my grant thoughts float towards Pepsi.

On a whim, I grabbed Gator Girl off of my wall and painted, repainted and painted. Now I do think there is a limit of how much paint a girl can wear. I pushed that limit.

Gator Girl
Gator Girl

I am happy with her sexy new look and her new hair style. I have always loved the painting except her expression. I used Effy Wild’s beautiful lips as an inspiration. (Thanks, Effy.) I still have a little skin tone to work out… maybe. Maybe I am happy. I hope she is still your favorite painting, Stacy.

I might also be finished with the Mermaid. I struggled with having the tail be a little camouflaged in the water or popping. I decided her tail should blend in. The blending is probably why we rarely see Mermaids.


Maggie thinks she needs a shell painted over her breast, but loves her tiara. I like to talk with Maggie, because we can discuss what Mermaids really wear.

I painted all day, every day this week because next week is the beginning of company coming to New Orleans. House guests will taper off sometime in June. It will be a blast.

And if you are worried that we are full up, just let that thought go. There is always room for you.

With abundant and never-ending love,

Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

One thought on “My friend at the IRS called.

  1. So awesome!!! All the all! Gator Girl reflects YOU. SHE is luscious!!! Her eyes and Mermaid’s eyes are so beautiful and Effy’s luscious lips are heavenly!!!

    Good idea to add paint! And how privileged you are to have a resident Mermaid Muse!

    Love, Raven Whimsy

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