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Life in Progress

Hi all y’all!

I have a to do list as long as my arm, but my studio is quiet and here I am.

Just a little update today.

Company is coming to New Orleans in waves. And why not? New Orleans in the Spring is the best.

Raffi is beginning a large painting of his pets. He wants it to go with his 3-year-old painting of his family.

Beginning of pet portrait
Beginning of pet portrait

I gave him some student quality paints for the first layer. Besides the color, the paints themselves look drab. I ordered him some Liquitex paints for the next layers. They aren’t Golden, but they are nice.

My Gator in the Hen House is still in progress. I have spent many hours on this. I will continue to paint it until I am happy with every inch.

Gator in the Hen House, still in progress
Gator in the Hen House, still in progress

This is why I am a little late with my list today.

Nice Hair, the beginning
Nice Hair, the beginning

This is super fun. I have painted the darks. I think her hair will be full of fun stuff. Maybe butterflies, bugs, a bird? I don’t know yet.

She seems to welcome Spring.

Maggie's front tooth

Maggie lost her tooth. Too cute.

Gotta run.

Until next week my loves,

Gator Girl



I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

One thought on “Life in Progress

  1. Wow, Maggie and a tooth!!! Wow, Raffi painting! And way wow, gator in the hen house and nice hair. You rock!

    Today is my day to make birthday gifts for 6 claymates bash Thursday.

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