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Joan of Arc

Hi all y’all!

How is your summer going? We just got back from New York City. It was fabulous. We did the tourist things and were constantly amazed. This was the longest my sweet darlin’ and I have been away alone and not visiting friends or relatives ever. Prior to this trip, we have only been away for 2 nights.

Before we left, I spent an entire day with Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc side view
Joan of Arc side view

The flames and the clouds are on the side of the canvas, too. It is a museum wrap and is 2 inches wide. I wanted to try it, because  usually paint on 3/4 inch thick wrapped canvas. I still prefer the thin wrap.

I cut zebra/ glitter paper for the flames and painted on top. Next time, I would just paint flames.

I like the dress. It is linen from my grandmother’s old table-cloth. I put burlap on the shoulders like a shawl, didn’t like the burlap, and pulled it off. I like the texture the burlap made when I removed it.

Joan of Arc, back view
Joan of Arc, back view

I started writing on the back of my paintings. I put the size. I find often I have to look at my spread sheet or re-measure. The size is always a question.

I also write the name, date, a few notes (loyalty, courage, passion) and sign it. I will still sign the front after it is photographed.

I started buying canvas that has this structure on the back. I feel like the canvas won’t loosen up. It is like a wooden frame inside a wooden frame.

Fleur de lis jewelry
Fleur de lis jewelry

I found this piece of flour dis lis jewelry in my mom’s stuff. I wanted to incorporate it into the painting.

Joan with Fleur de Lis
Joan with Fleur de Lis

It physically fits perfectly on the cross of light. I think I like it better without.

My Katy is coming in tonight from California. We are driving to Destin, Florida tomorrow so Katy can see her Godmother and hang out on the beach with Maggie and Raffi. Florida is four hours away from New Orleans and the beaches are beautiful. Five us are squishing in the Prius. Good thing we like each other. Wish us luck with the driving and the sharks.

All of my best summer wishes for you!

Gator Girl



I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

2 thoughts on “Joan of Arc

  1. I love the changes you are adding. I’m still amazed at your creativity. Have a wonderful summer.

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