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Embellishing a Giclee’

Hi all y’all!

I revisited an old friend this week. That’s what it seemed like when I worked on Expecting Grace again.

The original Expecting Grace
The original Expecting Grace

I enjoyed painting a giclee’ more than I thought I would. The same woman who bought the original of Feathered Friends asked me to embellish a giclee’ of Expecting Grace. She asked for bubble paper on the hair and pieces of paper in the background like the original.

Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends

We both looked for months for the same bubble paper. If I find it again, I will buy a ream. We settled for a similar paper, a little heavier, and not as bubbly. I used the tiny bit of the original paper that I had left over. On the paper background I put a tissue butterfly because the new owner is always going through huge changes brought on by extreme bravery. I added an old stamp from Israel and sheet music. You can’t see any of that any more. I like that it is there.

Embellishing Giclee'
Embellishing Giclee’
Giclee of Expecting Grace Embellished
Giclee of Expecting Grace Embellished

I can still tone down the background, but I like it bright today. It is not as white as it looks. It is more of a cream.

I am putting some necklaces in my Etsy store.

Click here to buy.
Click here to buy.


I cannot get a picture that looks clear. The necklaces are small prints (30 mm square/ 1.18 inches) of my art. 19/52 of the original paintings made into necklaces. I have been selling necklaces out of my studio and at festivals for $20. A few Pussyfooters have asked for them. This is why I decided to put them on-line. They are easy to put in a padded envelope and stick in the mail.

That’s what’s up this week.

See ya later (alligator),

Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

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  1. Oh my. I love your giclee process!!! Expecting Grace is beautiful. Is the giclee on canvas?

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