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Some paintings paint themselves. Some don’t.

Hi all y’all!

I am starting with a painting that is not painting herself. Maybe I am a bad listener. Like maybe I have something in mind and it is not Magnolia and we go round and round.

Sometimes my sweet darlin’ asks me what I have been working on and for weeks I have answered, “Magnolia”. My idea for Sweet Magnolia is simple. I wanted her encompassed by the Magnolia flowers. She needed to have the same coloring as the flowers and leaves.


Magnolia, the beginning
Magnolia, the beginning
Working on Magnolia
Working on Magnolia

I love this version of Magnolia, but look at her left eye.

Magnolia's eyes spaced incorrectly
Magnolia’s eyes spaced incorrectly

I fixed the left eye making her eyes too close together.

Magnolia, starting over
Magnolia, starting over

Here is Magnolia today. I wonder if she just wanted big, Southern hair. I made her earrings by photocopying the two magnolia flowers on the left, shrinking them and applying with gel medium. Her crown is made from glossy, green tissue paper.

Magnolia completed
Magnolia completed

I have a frame cut for this painting. It is dark green, made from a screen door. I need to cut a piece of wood to go on the back. This is held up by not having a table to cut on at the moment. The back yard is in limbo.

Is something in retrograde?

My new painting goes with another painting. A duo.

Cabinet door repair
Cabinet door repair

I took the handle off and threw it away. The hinges I soaked in vinegar, salt and dish soap for two days. They came out sparkly clean.

Hummingbird beginning
Hummingbird beginning

She will be looking at the woman on the other cabinet door. They are in a coffee shop at different tables. I was going to put a chicken on the woman’s head. Maggie thought of hummingbird drinking from the flowers on her hat. Go Maggie.

Hummingbird in progress
Hummingbird in progress

So far, this one is painting herself. I love her already. I am doing something cool with her shirt. I am painting textured paper then stitching the collar and sleeve together with my sewing machine.

I went back to the salvage store for more cabinet doors. I waited too long.

I hope you are having a great Friday.

With abundance and joy,

Gator Girl



I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

6 thoughts on “Some paintings paint themselves. Some don’t.

  1. Indeed some paintings paint themselves. And thank goodness they do! I am such a fan. They are both shining works of art. I love how you get gestures. Rock on, Gator Girl! Love, Raven Wisdom

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