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Bohemian Beauties

Hi all y’all!

Spring is here. And so are two Bohemian Beauties. I didn’t have a reason to paint these women, except that they make me happy.

Bohemian Beauties
Bohemian Beauties


I like that they are so different. In color. In shape.

Close up of embellishment
Close up of embellishment


I like the subtle embellishment. I put heavy body gel medium in a stencil, took it off carefully, let it dry, touched it with white paint. The sunflower with my favorite spiral in the center reminds me of a carefree spring.

This is where “They didn’t know we were seeds” started.



I ended up painting a deer back in. You can still see the little red bird that I cut out of a Christmas card. Also, part of the fortune. All of the love is still there, it is just buried.



I don’t love words on my painting, but words are what this painting is all about.

I resisted painting grasses and flowers because I think the women are as strong as trees

growing in a cool, quiet, magical forest.

The words are writen in an earthy rainbow. “They tried” is streaked in red, like blood… torture, family…


Ending in light yellow with the word, “seeds”.

In the wise words of mini Mags, “Don’t stop until you are happy with it”.

I am happy with it.

Here, in New Orleans and in our family, we are approaching Easter break.

This holiday is drenched in tradition. The in-laws arrive. We visit cousins and cemeteries.

We boil crawfish and eat snoballs.

If a holiday lasts one or two days elsewhere, in New Orleans it lasts a week or two.

I hope your Spring is everything you want.

Love to you all.

Gator Girl




I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Beauties

  1. Wow you must have had FUN with their skin colors!!! You have totally MASTERED the skin tones! I love them! I especially love the overlap of the hair and hat. And “Seeds” oh my. You are truly amazing, Sister of my heart!

    Sent from my heart

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