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Studio Revamp

Hi all y’all!

August. Like a warm, wet blanket. You can reach out and grab the air.

This is my audition photo to get into Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival. This is my second year applying. I am on the waiting list. I am showing you this photo so you can see the wooden frames where my art is hanging. Katy made the frames from Pinterest inspiration. We wanted something easy to put up. Possible to store without a garage. And not distracting from the art. 

Tent Audition
Tent Audition

I am fixing up my studio so it will be ready for visitors. I think the easiest and most satisfying way to sell art will be to have people come to me. The first step in my master plan is making my studio stunning.

When we moved in this house 5 summers ago, I put everything in my studio without much thought and started painting. It is a long, narrow room with a lot of furniture. More furniture all the time. Also, Maggie and Raffi paint in here. And by paint, I mean build things out of piles of recycling.

When I got back from Cuba, I  painted one long wall with flat white paint. I put two of the festival panels up very high on the wall. I was afraid it would be too busy, but it worked out better than I expected. I can rotate art easily and the panels draw your eye up. It makes the ceiling look very tall.

Studio Wall
Studio Wall

This is the best photo I could get because the room is only 10 feet wide.

August 1, I was the artist at Bolden Bar. It is the most beautiful venue. The downside was that nobody came. August 1 was also White Linen Night in the Arts District. I hope to go back on a busy night. It was lovely there.

Bolden Bar
Bolden Bar
Large Paintings
Large Paintings

Shortly, I will be painting again. I am narrowing down the subject today.

Cuba continued…

My sister, Jan
My sister, Jan

Jan is standing on the balcony of Hotel Ambos Mundos in Havana. Hemingway lived for years in room 511. Behind Jan is the Cuban flag and directly behind the flag is Che Guevara’s house.

We saw Pablo Menendez perform on the roof-top patio of his home. He is originally from Oakland, California. He moved to Cuba with his mother when he was 14. It was a fabulous night.

Pablo Menendez and his band
Pablo Menendez and his band

Until later,

Unwavering love,

Gator Girl




I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

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