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It was Greek, Jewish, and Gay

Hi all y’all,

The name if this painting is “And Justice for All”. Thank you to the Federal ruling, it has come true. I usually call this painting by the name “Justice”, but now the full title is fitting.

There is a story here. A beautiful love story.

And Justice for all!
And Justice for all!

I met the woman on the right, in 2010. She posted (on Facebook) a prompt called “22 Questions for the New Year”, by Shiloh McCloud. My husband saw it on a virtual friend’s timeline and remarked, “That is my wife’s painting mentor.” The woman on the right, Rene (pronounced like Irene), Googled Shiloh, joined her class and ultimately messaged me. Tada! We were Internet friends for 5 years.

January 2013, I started this painting.

Justice, the beginning
Justice, the beginning


The thing is… I had not met Rene in person. Rene had not met Amy at all. This photo is from last weekend, September 27, 2015.

I flew up to Minneapolis to attend their Jewish Wedding Celebration.

Seriously, I can’t even believe these two photos.

Rene helped me try to find two women who looked like this painting (for years). I really felt the whole time I was painting that these women were real and existed somewhere. She asked around among her friends in the bay area. I asked at a marriage equality fund-raiser. The deal was, I would exchange a print for a photo. “Do you look like these women?”.

Roughly, a year later, Rene meets Amy at choir.

May of 2015 they are married. The first time that I saw Rene in person, she was walking down the aisle to get married.

Rene and Amy walking down the isle.
Rene and Amy walking down the aisle.
Rene, Amy, and me.
Rene, Amy, and me.
Amy in sunglasses
Amy in sunglasses. Can you believe this?

There is even more back story if you search “Justice” on this site.

Congratulations, Amy and Rene. I am so happy you met.

From a crazy universe that arcs towards Justice.

Gator Girl


I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

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