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Gator Agents

Hi all y’all!

I have been living my alternate dream lately. I have been spending a lot of time with my grand babies. They are growing up so fast, I have to slow everything down and observe the wonder of it all.

For a while I had trouble switching gears from creating art to child care. Then an epiphany. When my girls were growing up, I had to work. I wanted to stay home. Now I want to work, but my grandkids need me. I just needed to switch gears in my mind and realize my timing is off. All in good time. (I am becoming quiet fond of old-timey sayings lately.)

2013 is around the corner. My word for the coming year is visibility. This is the year, I put my art out into the world. Fly Be Free Art. I am thinking restaurants, galleries…

My Gator Agents will be an integral part of the plan.

Gator Agent Anne-Claire
Gator Agent Anne-Claire


Gator Agent Katy
Gator Agent Katy
Gator Agent Joe
Gator Agent Joe
Gator Mascot Buddy
Gator Mascot Buddy

I have 3 main agents. (One is remaining incognito at this time.) I have an up and coming star-agent as one of my east coast representatives. So far I have two agents based in Los Angeles and two agents in Philadelphia. I am not sure what kind of role Buddy will play at this time. That is why he is pictured here as a mascot.

Really, the sky is the limit at Gator Girl Art, LLC. If you would like to become an agent for Gator Girl Art, please email me at or Give me a brief description of what you plan to offer. All emails will be read and replied to.


With hope and faith in the future,

Gator Girl





I paint to heal the world. If I fall short of that, I would like to make you smile. Gator Girl

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